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“Shakaree? What does that mean?”

Ulani looked at the Vorta, technically her superior, as he stared out over the landscape. His violet eyes were squinted against the chilly breeze and sharp sun, though she was sure the expression of disgust had little to do with the breeze.

“There is no direct Cardassian translation, your language is too primitive.”

His voice was disdainful and drawled some, Vorta diplomacy left somewhere in the ruins of their ships in space. Here, they were just men, women and the elements. “But, if I were to try to rough it, it means shit hole. What a fitting name for this planet.”

Available Characters

Because there are a limited numvber of characters we can currently have in Shakaree, anytime someone is referenced as being there, we add them to the available character list. While the complete list is here, we're looking for these characters in particular:

Game Summary

Stranded on a planet surrounded by an anomaly that hides it from sensors, survivors of three ships must learn to co-exist, get off the planet, and make a life for themselves until they can. In Shakaree, Cardassians, Vorta and members of a Federation crew have to work together for their survival.

Current Time: early January, 2376

Important Links

We use Zetaboards to do all our IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) activities. Here's the link:

Shakaree RPG


Ah, yes, they are here too. Rules help things go smoothly, so we’ve got a few rules that help all of us get along. Please read over them. If you’ve been around role
playing for a while, these are probably familiar:
  • Please don’t join unless you’re over 18. It is about maturity and legal issues. Some content will be adult, so our members need to be over 18.
  • Adult content is fine, however this isn’t an erotica group so please practice everything in moderation. We mark posts that contain sexual or particularly violent material to be considerate of others.
  • As a game made for adults, we also expect a certain amount of experience. That isn’t to say you need a resume, but being able to demonstrate writing ability, good judgment and play well with others. All of this comes with time an experience in role playing.
  • When in a community, especially a small one like a rpg, being active is important. Please be able to post at least a few times a week. Leave of absence (LOA) are fine, but please notify the moderators. Disappearing without notice, especially if your absence creates problems plot wise, it will not go over well with those you are working with, nor with the moderation.
  • Lastly, all profiles need to be approved. There is a whole set of criteria we look at and if you’re an experienced role player, you probably won’t have much, if any, trouble. If you want a character who can do no wrong though, be prepared to run into trouble with getting him or her approved.

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